We here at CampV try to do our best for the Veterans and families that come in. Often times those same Veterans have had a hard time with something before. This Veteran, William Morris, is one of them. As you will see in his letter he has had a hard time applying for VA benefits. This is Williams story.

“I am a Navy Veteran that served during the Vietnam era assigned to a fixed wing air squadron that was assigned to an aircraft carrier. The ship and our air group participated in a West Pac deployment Vietnam.

IN May and September of 2019 I filed for benefits relating to health issues and PTSD concerns with the Veterans Administration through a Veteran’s Service organization to assist with my claims associated with those service related problems. As with many other Veterans, I had difficulties with the process.

I was told by another Veteran about CampV and the types of support that they provide. I was told specifically to contact Wayne with CampV for assistance.

After meeting with Wayne Dickson and explaining my situation, he took the time to assist in an earlier appeal for one of my previous claims. He then assisted with my PTSD claim explaining in detail how the process should proceed. He then provided suggestions and recommendations to help me through that process.

I originally met with Wayne Dickson on March 8, 2021 and with his guidance, my PTSD claim was successfully resolved in May 2021 with a positive outcome.

I would personally like to thank Wayne Dickson for his ability to navigate the process properly. I highly recommend Wayne Dickson to anyone that needs help in applying for or appealing their claims. I believe it’s important to have Veterans of his caliber and knowledge to help guide other Veterans through the complexities of the Veterans Administration’s benefits claims procedure.”