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Resources for veterans are out there, but often not where they are needed the most. With issues like reliable transportation, knowing where to go, who to talk to, and even what questions to ask being some of the biggest hurdles that veterans face. But they are not the only hurdles that a veteran or their family will encounter. All too often the easiest hurdles are sometimes just finding the resource that you need with the real challenge coming in the form of trying to navigate the potential bureaucracy of that resource. That is where CampV and our campus comes in and how we help veterans in need.

No one ever seeks out help when things are fine, and the way we help seeks to ease the already overburdened veteran. With our resources located in one building and on one campus, housing, counseling, education, and other benefit related questions can usually be answered easily. The old saying of it is not what you know it is who you know could never be truer than at CampV. Have a question about employment or home health care? We know who to talk to get an answer to those questions. The advocates and staff at CampV have compiled a list of service providers and resources that is almost unrivaled.

But the standard questions and resources are not the only thing that we do. We often get the difficult questions that have caused veterans to give up and stop trying. We get the veterans and families who have run out of options. Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot fix a problem, or do not have an answer for the situation that veterans find themselves in. In situations like that we offer, along with hope, a path, and a plan moving forward. Sometimes a plan is the only and best thing we can offer a veteran. We see clients for all sorts of reasons and trying to put them all into one list would be impossible. We encourage you to stop by and visit with an advocate to so how we can help.