serves employers and job seekers, and it is the primary tool used to implement the Employment Service program. is provided at no cost, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and seeks to match qualified job seekers with potential job opportunities, online and in real time, by comparing things like work experience, skills, abilities, education and other factors.

Employers can post jobs, search résumés, recruit candidates, get labor market information, and receive a variety of other services online and also via a network of Workforce Solutions offices throughout the state.

Individuals seeking a new job, different job, or an additional job can post their résumé, search job listings (including Texas state agency jobs), obtain employer contact information to apply for jobs, get information about the job market, and receive a variety of other services online and also via Workforce Solutions offices throughout the state.

The Texas Workforce Commission recognizes the value military service brings to the workplace. Veterans bring experience, skills and leadership abilities that strengthen the Texas workforce:

  • Leadership — veterans are trained to be leaders and managers.
  • Professionalism — veterans know the importance of integrity and respect, respect that gives your team a winning edge.
  • Responsibility — veterans know what it means to be accountable for valuable human and material resources.
  • Mission-Critical Skills — veterans undergo trade-related and technical training that often relates directly to civilian jobs.
  • Physical Conditioning — veterans know the value of being in top physical condition and drug free.
  • Can-Do Attitude — veterans carry and apply a positive attitude to get the job done.
  • Calm under Fire — veterans are steady, cool, and collected. Handling stress is all in a day’s work for veterans.
  • First-Class Image — veterans don’t have to be reminded to get a haircut. Whether in uniform or a business suit, veterans know how to dress for success.
  • On Time, All the Time — veterans know that every second counts and will be there on time.
  • Global Perspective — veterans are tuned in to the forces and events that shape the global market.

Women and men who serve in any branch of the United States Armed Forces, including Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard Reserves or National Guard may eligible for additional services. Veterans are entitled to veteran’s preference in the public workforce system. This includes an early look at new job postings prior to non-veterans. In addition, many employers also give preference to hiring veterans. while prospective employers WILL be able to see if you are a veteran, additional service information including information on service-related disability (if any) will NOT be shared.

Veteran Priority of Service — Employment Opportunities for Veterans

Your local Workforce Solutions Office has a full-time staff to assist veterans who are trained and dedicated to helping all veterans in their career goals and job finding.

Among the many services they provide are:

  • Career and job counseling;
  • Providing labor market Information on the jobs and employers in this area;
  • Assistance in tailoring skills and abilities to the job market;
  • Assistance with Hot Jobs and with the jobs listed locally;
  • Help using the Internet to expand your job searches;
  • Recommendations for training and education to qualify for better jobs and careers;
  • Information on Veteran jobs and training;
  • Assistance and instruction in use of the Resource Room facilities;
  • Resume preparation and critique;
  • Assisting Veterans with barriers to employment;
  • Providing information on Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and programs.

In addition, staff searches all new job orders to see if any veterans on file qualify for the positions and contacts them immediately. Our aim is to get the best-qualified veteran to employers as quickly as possible.

Here you can find summary information about available Veteran Programs. Please select a program from the options below:

TEXAS VETERANS PORTAL: connects veterans, their families, and caregivers to the benefits and services earned through their military service!

Maximize your employment opportunities as you transition into civilian life. Search for jobs, receive priority service at Texas Workforce Solutions offices and get information on transition assistance and benefits.

Search for Texas Jobs

Use our online job matching system,, to search for jobs, create a résumé, and submit applications for employment. Get priority access and find jobs targeted to veterans.

Veterans Employment Preference

Texas employers value your service to our country. Many employers recognize the skills and dedication that veterans bring to the workforce and therefore give employment preference to veterans when making hiring decisions. To help you connect with veteran-friendly employers, the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Veterans Commission have collaborated to create a list of private employers in Texas that have a policy for veteran employment preference.

–  List of private employers that have a policy for veteran employment preference.

Take Advantage of Priority Service for Veterans

Get priority service at all Workforce Solutions offices. Access job placement services, job search resources, training programs, résumé and application assistance, and career development assistance. Many of the offices have Veterans Representatives.

Match Your Military Experience to Occupations

The Military to Civilian Occupation Translator helps service members match military skills and experience to civilian occupations.

Increase Your Employability

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers employers tax incentives for hiring individuals from specific populations with historically higher rates of unemployment, including veterans.

Transfer Your Military Service Into College Credits

College Credit for Heroes seeks to maximize college credits awarded to veterans for their military experience in order to expedite each veteran’s transition into the Texas workforce.

Research Assistance & Benefits

Find information on assistance, services, and benefits for veterans, families, and survivors.

Research Veterans’ Educational Opportunities

The Texas Veterans Commission offers assistance with veterans’ educational benefits, including the G.I. Bill, the Hazlewood Act, and on-the-job training. Read about educational benefits and opportunities, search the directory of approved institutions, and find out about federal Veterans Administration education benefits.

Know Your Rights as a Disabled Veteran

Find out about federal laws that protect veterans with service-connected disabilities.

More Job Search & Transition Tools

Find job search resources especially for veterans.

The Texas Veterans Leadership Program is a Texas Workforce Commission resource and referral network connecting returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan with the resources and tools they need to lead productive lives and enjoy the full benefits of the society they have willingly served.

Below is a list of state and national virtual hiring events taking place in March unrelated to TVC or Workforce events.

March 9 – Huntsville area Engineering/ Technology Virtual Career Fair

March 11 – Houston area Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

March 12 – Dallas area Virtual Teacher Career Fair

March 13 – Charter School Teacher Virtual Job Fair

March 16 – Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Career Fair

March 16 – Western Region Virtual Career Fair

March 17 – Denver Veteran Virtual Job Fair

March 18 – Virtual Top Secret Hiring Event (Secret Clearance or Above is REQUIRED to attend)

March 18 – Dallas Virtual Job Fair

March 18 – Washington DC / Baltimore Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

March 22 – Phoenix Veteran Virtual Job Fair

March 23 – D.C. area Women in Business & Technology Virtual Career Fair

March 23 – Transitioning Army & Army Spouse Virtual Career Fair

March 24 – Nation wide HRSA Health Virtual Job Fair

March 25 – Columbus Area Virtual Diversity Job Fair

March 25 – Boston Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

March 26 – CAREERS & the disabled Virtual Career Fair

March 30 – Dallas Veteran Virtual Job Fair