After performing the hardest duty of all…combat, deployment, protecting our country, sometimes Veterans fall on hard times. Such as an unexpected family emergency, COVID, loss of job, health challenge which causes them to get behind. With a hand-up; not a hand-out, Veterans and their families can get caught up and move past the financial hardships. They can build sustainability, careers, healthy family units, and contribute to our community. By sponsoring a Veteran through CampV, you help them advance their situations and overcome hardships.

There is no shortage of Veterans in need, and this will likely not change in our lifetime. HELP NOW!

Available Programs

While only 15% of our Veteran population struggle, many more build good lives. Their service prepared them for missions with patriotic purpose!

Life in the military formed an irreplaceable bond. Shared experiences can only be understood by those who “lived” it. We believe in Post Traumatic Growth and the link between being active and mental health and wellness. Our programs allow us to foster and support an active lifestyle.

CampV is an exciting campus for Veterans and their families to:

  • Find that next “mission”
  • Find a new purpose
  • Find ways to connect to each other….
  • To have fun…. To socialize.
  • Even continue to serve!

After opening our doors in November 2019 and serving more than 450 clients, social activities have been created and will continue to grow with community support.

Join CampV in building programs that strengthen those ties, offer points to share stories with youth and our civilians!

General Fund

CampV is a 501c3 dedicated to providing a unique 20 acres Veterans’ campus of hope, connection, and service in East Texas.
CampV is an opportunity for East Texans to stand together and give back to those who gave us this freedom!


  • Your gift will help create a campus of wellness, social activity, and spirituality.
  • Your gift will build a community of Veteran support in East Texas.
  • Your gift will change lives and empower Veteran families.
  • Your gift will mobilize an inspiring movement to serve those who have served us.