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Veterans live unique lives while serving our country, and they all have a different story to tell. Each with a special point of view, their own take on what happened. Two veterans’ side by side will have vastly different experiences of a situation. These are special and need to be saved and shared with the world. We here at CampV are trying to preserve those stories for others to hear and learn from.

In World War 2 approximately 16 million men and women served, and of those it is estimated that as of September 2020 only about 325,574 remain. And we are losing about 390 Vietnam Veterans a day as well. Once they are gone, we will lose those special stories that only they have and the individual experiences that they had. We are literally losing our history daily.

WWe are trying to preserve and share our history before it is gone. We have a program that lets Veterans sit down and tell their story, whatever it may be. Good or bad, happy or sad we want to hear those stories to preserve and share them. We want people to hear firsthand what it was like during a Veterans service, what they went through, what they experienced. It does not matter if a Veteran served in combat or not, went overseas or not. Every Veteran has a story to tell that is special and unique to them, and we want to hear it.

If you are a Veteran that is interested in this let us know, our contact information will be at the bottom of the page. If you know a Veteran that would be interested in sharing their story let them know about us and have them contact us. We would love to schedule an interview with them or even just talk to them about what we are doing. We are also interested in family members of Veterans; they have a special story to tell also and it should be heard. Enjoy the interviews, we look forward to hearing from you.

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