Dalton Harpold

Dalton Harpold is the Community Engagement Manager at CampV.


Dalton is from Longview, Texas, and is an Air Force Veteran. His brother is a Marine and the inspiration behind his decision to join the United States Air Force. He joined the USAF Delayed Entry Program at 17 and went on to serve 6 years. Upon completion of basic training, Dalton completed Security Forces Tech School at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. His first duty station was at Vandenberg AFB in California, known for its unmanned missile and satellite launches. Dalton worked for Vandenberg’s 30th Security Forces Squadron for 3 years safeguarding Air Force Assets and providing Police Services for base personnel.

He was later deployed to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Dalton was assigned to the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. During his time in Qatar, he worked with Qatar Security Forces personnel providing security and utilizing IED detection systems to safeguard base personnel. In 2018, Dalton was stationed at Kunsan Air Base in Gunsan, South Korea as a member of the 8th Security Forces Squadron. He worked as a Vindicator Monitor in the Base Defense Operations Center where he provided support for Law Enforcement and Facility Managers to safeguard the installation’s assets. Later, he worked as the Supply Representative at Kunsan AFB. Dalton provided training to assist augmentees in utilizing Intel, weapons, vehicles, and all other necessary equipment to complete mission objectives.

 After his service at Kunsan AFB, Dalton was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal. In September 2019, Dalton was Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Force. Dalton is currently a junior at The University of Texas at Tyler. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and has volunteered at several non-profits in the East Texas area. Dalton enjoys public service and assisting those in need.